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Conveying system of gypsum board pr行文oduction line

Source:Huake Date:2影懂020-07-23 14:22:11

The conveying system of gypsum board大通 production line is 路朋a set of system空吧 that can hold and transport t樂我he gypsum board to the designated場靜 area after the gypsum board is extru機見ded. Generally, it is comp又什osed of motor, reducer and brake (st鐵為op), etc.; the tension device generall可議y has screw type and heav雜工y hammer type, which can make 多銀the traction parts maintain高算 a certain tension and sag, so as 們自to ensure the normal operation of t讀很he conveyor belt; the sup微師porting parts are used to support t業店he traction parts or load-be師答aring components, such as i近海dler, roller, et暗科c.

1. Conveyor belt is g城說enerally classified according 美鄉to whether there are traction parts: co國音nveyor belt equipmen煙數t with traction p行姐arts and conveyor belt equipme為近nt without traction parts.資道

2. There are many 能微kinds of conveyor belt equipment with花弟 traction parts, i些生ncluding belt conveyor, pl服火ate conveyor, trolley conveyor, es我在calator, moving sidewalk, s舞小craper conveyor, bur玩空ied scraper conveyor, bucket co村畫nveyor, bucket eleva微和tor, suspension conveyor and aerial 坐那ropeway.

3. There is no traction part老音s of the conveyor 你著belt equipment, common roller fo費術r rotary movement, screw conveyor.