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Setting time of gypsum board

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-23 14:17離愛:56

In the use of gypsum boar身房d machinery and equipment, the setti現匠ng time of gypsum directly affects th好務e production efficiency and product 紙熱quality of the e近道quipment. In general, how long is 事鐘the setting time of gypsum and wh習聽at kind of chemical pri雜信nciple does it exist?

It is generally believed that the 嗎商commonly used plaster fixation can章術 coagulate in about two hours after fr說作acture. The paste formed by adding匠用 gypsum to water w大算ill gradually solidify into 業區a hard lump. Th森輛is process is equivalent to 知了the reaction of CaS男喝O4 H2O to CaSO4 2H2O. It releases a購到 lot of heat, so體近 that CaSO4 2H2O can be inter朋銀connected into a porous sol廠雪id.

The factors affec員長ting the solidification rate of gyps物街um are the quality o銀票f gypsum powder, the improper pr業船oportion of gyps公喝um powder and water,男分 the mixing time and speed, an離老d water temperatu綠影re. Therefore, it is necessary t時你o pay attention to these ite年笑ms in order to 些文complete the solidification 鐵你of gypsum in general.