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Motor operation of gy子雨psum board machin訊草ery

Source:Huake Date:2020-07筆筆-23 14:16:34

Gypsum board machi現愛nery and equipment is 請兒a continuous production 秒到of gypsum board eq哥火uipment, it makes the product暗高ion of gypsum board high qua厭開lity and rapid. The following small ser黑計ies will give you the introduction of 又放gypsum board aut道為omatic production line motor operat通還ion instructions, please也山 look carefully!

First turn on th房拿e power supply, and then員公 the three power indicator lights are o為拿n to prove that the three-pha能水se power supply has reached友師 the distribution box. At地哥 this time, you can start the motor by 務錯pressing the blue b影新utton of the motor. 嗎理If it can not be started, you務業 can open the door of the distrib金討ution box to see whether the second dz窗筆108 switch in th國美e first row is red l喝區ong blue short.

If you do not press blue, yo是河u can start the motor, t要朋urn on the line regulator switch, an弟老d then slowly raise煙紅 the regulator potentiometer to indi畫說cate the desired sp輛鄉eed.

During shutdown市飛, slowly lower the governor potenti鐘媽ometer to zero posi山生tion, then turn of為海f the governor switch, and 男公then press the motor red butt多呢on to stop the mot去影or operation. Finally, t玩煙urn off the main switch.