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Congratulations on Shandong Huamei bu是資ilding material科農s Co., Ltd

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-29 11:26嗎林:01

On July 20, 202章冷0, China Jinming manag秒話ement consulting章子 acceptance evaluatio多店n team came to Sha鐘唱ndong Huamei building ma錯事terials Co., Ltd. for the final round o很間f acceptance. Through the co市習operation of various departme河謝nts, our company finally passed 和樹the acceptance with a total score of 街舞90.5.

Since the establishment of t男月he list, the company has invested務開 12 points of energy, especi北妹ally in the production workshop, f章南rom the overall planning of the works白間hop to the enviro去日nmental sanitation in all cor房一ners, all of which witness 畫事the great changes in these two an公們d a half months!

When things are differe技什nt, things will cha看老nge. In the new economic en女跳vironment, Shandon影是g Huamei building ma會暗terials Co., Ltd. complies wi煙在th the historical trend, makes time相子ly changes, and sorts out the b錯木usiness ideas in 熱森time: clear dai工很ly goals, high 年有enthusiasm for mee靜都tings, and enhanced team到店 cohesion, so that the腦現 nine goals of production, quality為鐵, environment, safet開頻y, energy saving, personnel影小, plan, publicity and process a城算re truly integrated into家光 our own management system.

Boundless travel,鄉校 sail but trade wind. Shan家亮dong Huamei buildi街我ng materials Co.著要, Ltd. is carrying 為線out our business philosophy 紅服with an uplifting attitude: it is wo街現rth trusting!

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