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What are the characteristics of high 用區crystal plate

Source:Huake Date要拿:2020-07-23 14:31:08

In fact, the compos煙到ition of high crystal board and gypsum去北 board belong to the s那你ame kind, but there are some dif工能ferences in techn高開ology and proportion of ingre議鐘dients. Because th如校ese small differences show the愛慢 unique characteristics of明樂 high crystal plate. The following H微你uake for the characteristics of h場雪igh crystal plate to do a brief in亮筆troduction.

1、 Environmental protection

It belongs to a ki如北nd of green building mat站日erials, the product路風s do not contain 男都harmful formaldehyde, heavy me雜鐘tals, benzene, et師亮c.

2、 Moisture proof functi那答on

High crystal plate has a 物做hydrophobic base system, very low wate兒他r absorption and moist務姐ure deflection, high wate書的r strength, low deformation rate請服, long time no color change.老生

3、 Decorative

The panel has a variety of speci呢時fications, sizes, flower 店見mouth, a variety of patent keel, a var長區iety of grid plate to make the overall 費工decoration effect bett舞子er.

4、 Fire resistance

The fire rating 呢樹is A1, the sound-abso民弟rbing wallboard has a very high fir去為e rating, and the su算間rface can be customized with 資麗wood grain.

5、 Maintainability

No access hole is re大站quired, and the method of tile inst業為allation is adopted. All surface mate舞弟rials can be disasse讀金mbled, which is 舊黃convenient for maintenance.

The above is Huake on the char你影acteristics of 姐校high crystal plate made a simp美愛le introduction. I believe you你可 have a new understandin東北g of high crystal pla歌會te.

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