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Is there formaldeh自了yde in gypsum board?

Source:Huake Date:2020-0快數7-23 14:28:56

Speaking of gypsum board, I believe 討店we will not be unfamilia業技r, it is the most widely used decor玩家ative materials in 這光home decoration, it can n作得ot only carry out ceili物日ng decoration, but also wa學紅ll and floor decoration. In modern喝媽 society, people's most東要 concerned about decoration 術少is environmental商小 protection. Does gypsum boar訊鐘d contain formalde讀黑hyde? What adva畫綠ntages does gypsum board have? T業開he following small series will s醫影hare these problem微資s with you.

Gypsum board is th雪河e use of buildin林睡g gypsum as raw materials, through a 通美certain processing te窗體chnology produced見麗, so it does not contain toxic subs動東tances, is a very e商間nvironmentally friendly bu農新ilding materials來錯. However, it will be used in the 很中production process of cer站市tain glue, and th我制e glue contains a certain amount of 遠內formaldehyde, so it can not be said場拍 that there is no formaldeh頻科yde at all.

I. decoration m廠業aterials

The reason why gypsum玩月 board can be accepted by many通黃 consumers is that it has the ir林爸replaceable role of other decorative m日又aterials. Gypsum board has t那懂he characteristics of light weight. 城暗The weight of gypsum boar妹廠d is lighter than that of brick wa少事ll. The weight of gypsum b習廠oard is only 1 麗街/ 15 of that of brick wall wi不金th the same thickness, an購也d 1 / 10 of that of block wall. Such we紅對ight is conducive to the con樹她struction of comp們熱lex decoration structure, reduce the刀暗 weight and cost of the main 光腦structure, and i美科s conducive to earthquak木得e resistance.

2、 Thermal insulati這好on

Compared with other building materials,樹商 gypsum board has better t拍也hermal insulation properties, bec化店ause gypsum board ca煙的n add a variety of 姐匠materials in the production process 城樂to produce different ty草器pes of gypsum board. The porous str行門ucture enables gypsum boa鐘志rd to have the effect文文 of thermal insulation. The 工高thermal conductivity is 0.16w /算光 (m.k), which is m筆森ore significant than that of lime外弟 sand brick (1.1W (m.k)).

3、 Fire prevention

Compared with other building material姐請s, gypsum board also has better 讀子fire resistance characteristics, b來黑ecause gypsum board is made of bui我些lding gypsum, and g電自ypsum itself has fire ret有農ardant characteristics. It空計 will absorb a lot of he雜嗎at in the process of re刀河leasing the combined water when encount些理ering fire. The fire resistance 麗但of gypsum board partition wall can re靜工ach 4 hours.

4、 Convenient and easy 請務to cut

Gypsum board construction is also very紙作 convenient, we can use t銀來he cutting knife to c草白ut the gypsum board, and can ma費熱ke a variety of differ了木ent shapes, very beautiful. I道什ts cut into the ceiling is a common fe聽房ature.

In addition to the 又技above advantages, gyps文西um board also has go飛工od sound insula現也tion effect and decoration functi樹站on. The above is t現體he relevant sharing of for作鄉maldehyde in gypsum board. Linyi Huak低要e International Trade Co., Ltd睡一. is committed to im化場proving the core competitiv場舊eness of enterprises, casti的大ng distinct corporate culture, pu對書rsuing sustaina湖雪ble development, adhering to the pur個校pose of "bein多學g responsible for users, en還煙suring product quality, and abi飛飛ding by reputation a我習re the foundation of the com間吃pany". The c資又ompany from market research, busine路玩ss analysis to design and d舞農evelopment, after-s人少ales tracking, to provide you with a f器鐵ull range of ser知員vices. Over the past few years, our co能男mpany has successfully developed gypsum花草 board machinery equipment, gypsum短一 line equipment, calcium silicate b他就oard equipment, ceiling producti笑雪on equipment and other ba唱會tch of productio志物n equipment.

The company has gypsum board f樂化actory: fiberglass soun書公d-absorbing board, PVC gypsum bo少妹ard, gypsum calcium校醫 silicate board, gypsum line,相票 keel, etc., and a算也lways adheres t化議o the business philosophy of &qu吃房ot;sincere service and purs下下uit of excellence". Wit南老h science and technology as the guide a坐東nd innovation a多但s the driving force, 上可we will spare n也還o effort to create pro業器duct quality, strengthen ser可草vice consciousness, and strive to offer房上 better products and services to our c作門ustomers.

Adhering to the company's tenet of街得 "integrity, serving the societ音輛y hand in hand&quo到吃t;!