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What is the difference雪近 between high crystal board 件熱and gypsum board

Source:Huake Date少照:2020-07-23 14:26:31

The two major main哥黑stream products in the gypsum bo習門ard ceiling industry are paper 技服gypsum board and high cry樹中stal board. Gypsum plaster國都 board is the first generation生舞 of gypsum board ceiling 電們products, which is well known風樹 by people. The fou現西rth generation of high cryst那見al board ceiling upgrading produc車現ts, because of its un在舞ique characteristics, has跳知 been widely used in scho拿視ols, banks, computer, enterpri得白se office building學服s and so on.

From the most basic properties of s新的heet metal:

1、 Product composit算麗ion and technology

Paper faced gypsum board美坐:

It is a light buil些醫ding sheet made of natural gypsu山飛m and protective pap計空er as the main raw 雜些materials, adding appropriate amount of師雪 fiber, starch, coagulant, foaming agen錯視t and water.

High crystal pla錢話te:

It uses natural high-streng讀白th gypsum powde船民r and modifier as the鐘國 main raw materi一什als, adding some wa內相terproof agent, through the m司城odification of gy鄉科psum, its natural機兵 hydrophilic property is modified i也了nto a hydrophobi志男c and high-strength decorative board.


The two major mainstream products in去那 the gypsum board ceiling indus短人try are paper gypsum board and hig討行h crystal board. Gypsum厭說 plaster board is 懂暗the first gener民畫ation of gypsum board ceiling prod紅友ucts, which is well kn拿在own by people. The fourt煙自h generation of hig歌窗h crystal board cei爸外ling upgrading pr通草oducts, because of its unique c多師haracteristics, has門舊 been widely used in schools, banks, c動年omputer, enterprise office buildin嗎用gs and so on.

From the most basi站時c properties of sheet關都 metal:

1、 Product composition and technology去文

Paper faced gypsum board:

It is a light building s藍秒heet made of natural 信雪gypsum and prote長離ctive paper as 樹技the main raw materials,了小 adding appropriate amount什近 of fiber, starch, coagulant, 可科foaming agent and water.

High crystal plate:

It uses natural high-strength g動放ypsum powder and modifier as the明務 main raw materials, adding some 制我waterproof agent, through the計個 modification of gypsum, its natural h音會ydrophilic property is modified體很 into a hydrophobic and hi嗎服gh-strength decorative board.