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Quality judgment of gypsum board me要朋chanical equipment就大

Source:Huake Da店雨te:2020-07-22 15:19:05

Different manufacturers o睡上f gypsum board mach金長inery and equipment好話 to produce gyps唱友um board quality is different, 資畫now most of the r白物oof of the home is decorated wi有物th gypsum line, its white color 如但can show the family's clean and煙東 beautiful, plus its low pric數花e, so it is very popular at刀筆 present. However, some friends welcome都間 that some gypsum lines fal匠男l off and break after decoration fo聽月r a short time, which m日相akes the original beautiful ceil能區ing obsolete. It is neces路從sary to renovate the ceiling at ho些暗me. It is a waste of money 黑村and more time and energy, w樹男hich is very distres理去sing. In fact, this situation is mainly輛知 related to the po計新or quality of t理說he gypsum line. How to judge whet讀房her the gypsum boa時暗rd production line products are 醫計qualified? In fact, it is行工 very simple, just need to see its河畫 physical identification standard.

1、 Whiteness of gypsum line影海: the degree of水愛 white on the surface of gypsu化見m line, expressed by th動厭e percentage of white conten歌我t. It is mainly used for白快 interior decor書行ation, so it must meet 生窗the requirements to be beautiful, 相分and the whiteness of gypsum line s森舊hould be uniform;

2、 Water content of gypsum line: th術雪ere are three ways 照聽to express the moisture cont暗喝ent of gypsum line: 友內the first is to也綠 calculate the water content 刀校ratio of gypsum line before and af服些ter drying; the second is to cal時風culate the data ra喝兒tio of water in gypsu銀笑m line after drying; the third is th司中e volume ratio of 中飛water quality of gypsum 來新line to the whole朋空 gypsum line; generall音照y, the lower the moisture content of書個 gypsum line is, the 劇大better the quality is, which 可對is not easy Wet用報.

3、 Fracture load司農 of gypsum line: refer弟林s to the maximum pressur高票e / tension (combined with external f用黑orce) that the gyps討自um line can bear before fracture事離.