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Standard of high 都近quality gypsum line

Source:Huake Date:2020-07-22 15:18:29

High quality gypsum line production li新我ne to produce products答亮 to meet the needs of the market, so wh子白at is the high quality gypsum lin妹她e standard?

1. First of all, it d鄉相epends on the surface finish:

Because of the painting str章一ipes of plaster relief de費頻coration goods, it ca生從n't be trea答和ted by sanding when the devic紙為e is painted, so the demand for exte光要rnal surface finish is 從報high. As long as the surface is del可術icate, feel lubricati這術on gypsum relief decora為河tion commodity device after painti資舊ng, will have the good d事離ecoration function. If the 那議surface is rough and not lubricat吧從ed, the device will give a sense of cut媽章ting corners after pa商火inting.

2. Look at the price:

Compared with the p友地rice of high-quality m國件anuscript relief decoratio服訊n products, the price of defectiv雨村e plaster relief 謝舞products is 2 or 3 times cheaper. Thi又西s is even more attractive to use技事rs at a low price. Ho子冷wever, the device often shows shortcom這短ings soon after 玩暗it is used. Therefore, it is ne近在cessary to be careful when purchasi綠見ng.

3. Distinguish quality 快機by commodity thick黃樹ness:

It is necessary to have the cor長費responding thickness to make the in討謝termolecular affini訊做ty reach the best effect, and雨從 then ensure the 討是service life of one year and adh兒身ere to the integrity in the 學月trial period. The uniform 讀討thickness of gypsum line with 裡和good quality is more than 8mm. If開坐 the gypsum relief decoratio姐吃n products are too thin, not on城弟ly the service life i制公s short, but also放民 the safety function is poor Th那化e damage rate is high.

There are many specifications讀坐 of gypsum decoration line. When deco東喝rating, you can cho雪鐵ose appropriate spe下民cifications accordi紅票ng to the size of the roo嗎暗m or living roo票吧m. Generally speaking, the時內 specifications of gypsum 歌快decoration line can be div是離ided into wide, narrow, long and so是樂 on. The gypsum爸刀 installation line with wide spec湖也ification is usually 150 mm, 130 mm腦關, 110 mm, 100 mm, and t喝金he length is 2.5 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m低知, etc.