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Construction method些物 of gypsum board ceiling an錢吃d partition wall

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In the family decoration, g鐵鐘ypsum board is the most common 匠機decoration material. Gypsum boa唱要rd is made of anhydrite as t但雪he main raw mate議劇rial, adding additives and fibers. It 火音has the properties森門 of light weight, heat insulation, 有店sound absorption, non combus銀國tion and sawability. The pr朋算ice of gypsum board is lower t時信han other decoration materials, but i站你t has good decoration effe睡妹ct and sound absorption perfor做小mance. What are the thickness照跳 and specificat信視ions of gypsum board? How to constr自黃uct gypsum board?

Introduction of 門工gypsum board

Gypsum board is a k雪友ind of material which is mad船厭e of building gypsum as the對船 main raw material. It is on吧學e of the new lig雪拍ht board which focuses o來門n the development at pre睡玩sent. When used,裡門 light steel keel is usually used as c日話eiling and partition wall空視. The flat surface and姐有 seamless structure can 聽她form a simple and pr吧技actical decorative effect.

Advantages of gypsum board: ligh紅醫t weight, high strength, thin thi制作ckness, convenient pro靜麗cessing, sound insulati件輛on, fireproof, non農日 aging, anti moth

Gypsum board disadvantages: t了藍he gap is difficult to deal 朋長with, easy to crack,離文 not sound insulation, 照姐not thermal insulation (asbestos can 要厭be added to solve), vulnerable讀綠 walls

Gypsum board uses: residenti答放al, office buildings, shops船友, hotels and ind電通ustrial plants and other interna很妹l walls, wall cladding, ceiling暗也, sound-absorbing board, ground 就商base plate and var如就ious decorative boards

Gypsum board specification

General gypsum board thickn話場ess (unit: mm): 2400 * 1200 * 1國熱2; 2400 * 1200 * 9.知化5; 2440 * 1220 * 12; 2400 * 1對店220 * 9.5; 3000 * 12公雨00 * 12; 3000 * 1200 * 9.5; 180熱少0 * 1200 * 9.5.

Types of gypsum board

01 plasterboard

This paper is a kind of ligh風人t board which is made of paper 河頻as cover and gypsum slurry a習計s sandwich. Light 吧紙texture, high strength,睡個 fireproof, mothproof, easy to process.年她 Ordinary paper faced gyps雨靜um board is use車飛d for interior wal村吃l, partition wall and ceilin紅好g. The water-re器路sistant gypsum board with firep兵刀roof treatment can be used i吧子n the room with high humidity, such as 匠兒kitchen and toi票都let.

02 decorative gypsum board

With building gypsum as th司技e main raw material, mixed with a smal在好l amount of fiber materials, the boa我們rd with various patterns and decorat藍妹ions is suitable for medium and hig木爸h-grade decoration. It is l城影ight, fireproof, moisture-pr那火oof, easy to process an得朋d easy to install. In part通內icular, the new type of r費吧esin imitation facing water兵司proof gypsum boa南現rd can be used t高唱o decorate the wall, to make wal黃熱l protection board and ski制車rting board. It is an idea鄉呢l material to replace natural s水遠tone and terrazzo.

03 gypsum hollow slab

Gypsum hollow strip boa行員rd is a kind of hollow bo物內ard, which is made of building gyp土人sum as the main raw mater慢時ial, adding appropriate amount鄉光 of light fille購女r or fiber materia行電l. This kind of board does not nee通答d paper and binder, and does not nee明自d keel when inst愛關alling. It is a kind of lig到行ht board which develops rapidly暗的. It is mainly used for 歌費interior wall and parti厭人tion wall.

04 fiber gypsum board

Fiber gypsum board is made of buildin間算g gypsum as the main 朋年raw material and adding appropriate a弟場mount of fiber rei請美nforced materials. The bending streng新冷th of this board is higher than t農湖hat of paper faced gy近場psum board. It can be used for些廠 interior wall and p地看artition wall, and can also replace woo近放d to make furni農木ture.

Difference between gypsum board and cal信笑cium silicate board

Gypsum board: fireproof, sound嗎電 insulation, heat insulation, 唱子light weight, high st年吧rength, small shrink相雜age, insect proof

Calcium silicate board / 議近mineral wool bo土腦ard: fireproof, variety中亮, good waterproof performance, long村西 service life, ins一兵ect proof, soun藍謝d insulation


1. Materials

From the perspect喝公ive of building materia火行ls, calcium silicate board and g還到ypsum board are two diffe公亮rent building thermal insulation mater樂水ials. The raw material of gypsum boa玩湖rd is gypsum, and the main mater對黑ial of calcium s會場ilicate board is high-gr飛地ade cement. The two bu錢商ilding thermal 服綠insulation material術上s are different in terms of material會冷s.

2. Performance

From the performance 見錢point of view, whe件行re gypsum board can be used,舊行 calcium silicate board你化 can be used instead of gypsum b不子oard, but gypsum兒車 board can not replace calcium silic跳區ate board. Calcium sili木身cate board is often used in some places子歌 with high strength o車爸r high fire protection level,一少 because its waterp農森roof performance and 費紅fire resistance performance are術近 better than gypsum b照麗oard, and its ser都鄉vice life is significa書志ntly longer than gypsum board.

Gypsum board purchase

Mark and inspec西場tion report: pay at著雪tention to purchase regular gyp少體sum board when selecting. Regula新國r gypsum board, on its 水們packaging box, will be clea開公rly printed wit現物h the name of the product, quality gra工長de, production date, as we費得ll as moisture-proo離吃f, handle with care and produ唱飛ct marks and other signs 時廠and fonts. It also depends 務現on whether there is a national 在為"building d唱雜ecoration materials ra務國dionuclide limit" 畫火standard test report.

Appearance qual嗎能ity: under the c拍得ondition of bright light at 0.5m 舞通away, check whether the su風市rface is flat and物車 smooth without pores, stains, cracks兵亮, missing corners, uneven colors and in上亮complete cases. The two 一筆layers of kraft paper on the gypsum b多吧oard should be fir裡音m. Whether the texture of side gypsu弟我m is dense and 從通whether there is hollowing phenomenon.體明 The more dense the gypsum boa秒報rd is, the more durable 來農it is.

Tapping by hand: check the elasticit都時y of the gypsum board. 高關If it is knocked by hand, it wil他做l make a solid sound, indicatin森木g that the gypsum 科但board is tight and durable. I件厭f it makes a very empty sound,吃影 it means that t他件here is hollowing in the board and the間這 quality is not good. Ha弟了nd weight can a嗎秒lso be used to measu白一re the pros and cons of gypsum boa物水rd.

Gypsum board size: 城鐘the allowable deviati地農on, flatness and r得湖ight angle deviation of gypsum board s算線ize shall meet the qualified standards.妹麗 If the deviation of decorative gy嗎黃psum board is too large, 音畫the decorative surface 器去joint will be irregular, and th東吧e whole surface will be uneven, which 就光will have a great impact on the dec錢兒oration effect.

Gypsum board price: gypsum board p新中rice calculatio工呢n method is different, one i學姐s based on the number of pieces, the p外歌rice is a price, the larger t爸匠he gypsum board spe來站cification, the higher the price; m相師ore is to calculate the safety area木可, the unit is per square meter子能, the general gypsum文廠 board price is i的上n forty or fifty yuan. If海上 it is thickened gypsum board, th拿村e price will be more expensive.

Gypsum board brand: for those嗎技 consumers who don't kn也店ow about gypsum board,愛外 there will be a lot of p雪和roblems in the process of purc看校hasing, so try to choose products with家區 high popularity, large s國坐cale, good reputation a錯黃nd in line with national standards 山如to avoid decoration舞土 pollution and long radion又厭uclide