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Congratulations on Shandong Huamei bui海跳lding materials Co., 低公Ltd2020-07-29

On July 20, 2020, C開子hina Jinming management 聽舊consulting acceptance evaluation te舞來am came to Shandong Huamei buil從喝ding materials Co., Ltd. for the fi冷外nal round of acceptance. Th就購rough the cooperation of various d電工epartments, our company finally pass湖資ed the accepta

What are the characteristics of hig也師h crystal plate2020-07-23

In fact, the composition of high crysta可聽l board and gypsum board belong to 費都the same kind, but there are som木器e differences i歌音n technology and pro慢兒portion of ingredients. B友事ecause these small differen風金ces show the uniq坐到ue characteristics of high crys樹大tal plate. The

Is there formaldeh農男yde in gypsum board?2020-07-23

Speaking of gyps黃他um board, I believe we wil子關l not be unfamiliar, it i購議s the most widely used 還雜decorative materials in home de靜些coration, it can no讀湖t only carry out ceiling decoratio地草n, but also wall and floor decoration東空. In modern society, peo要呢ple's most conce

What is the difference between hi少報gh crystal board and gypsum 是金board2020-07-23

The two major mainstream pro場月ducts in the gypsum board cei這鐘ling industry are paper gyp關問sum board and high crystal board. G愛會ypsum plaster board is the first高通 generation of gypsum board ceili會輛ng products, which is well 議讀known by people. The fourth gene章低ration of hi

Conveying system of gypsum 著好board production line2020-07-23

The conveying system of gypsum bo作年ard production line is 家道a set of system that can hold 相兒and transport the gypsum board to the 商遠designated area after t離要he gypsum board is extruded. Gener習從ally, it is compo舞兒sed of motor, reducer and brake (s議知top), etc.; the tension

Common ceiling classification2020-07-23

Ceiling material I. 討裡light steel keel gypsum board ceilingGy購日psum board is m在爸ade of anhydrite as 時銀the main raw material mi又那xed with additives and fibers. It老河 has the properties of light weig書那ht, heat insulation, sound absorp明為tion, non combusti近銀on and sawability. T