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Conveying system 制美of gypsum board 錢錢production line2020-07-23

The conveying system of g山就ypsum board producti得紅on line is a set of system that can頻工 hold and transport the gyp見些sum board to the d購間esignated area after討化 the gypsum board is e暗得xtruded. Generally, it is compos視技ed of motor, reducer and農個 brake (stop), etc.; the tens知坐ion

Common ceiling classi快刀fication2020-07-23

Ceiling material I. light st刀資eel keel gypsum board ceilingGypsum bo問又ard is made of anhydrite as動志 the main raw material mixe綠說d with additives and fib跳還ers. It has the properties of li議朋ght weight, heat 花志insulation, sound absorption, non comb讀請ustion and sawability. T

Setting time of gypsu上購m board2020-07-23

In the use of gypsum board ma我熱chinery and equipment, the setting tim化森e of gypsum directly affects the生和 production efficiency and product相拿 quality of the equipment. In 得答general, how long is the s校國etting time of gypsum說議 and what kind of 歌舊chemical principle does it

Motor operation of gypsum boa著藍rd machinery2020-07-23

Gypsum board machinery and equip河什ment is a continuous productio答討n of gypsum board equipment, it makes錢離 the production of gyps鐘還um board high quality and rapid.睡秒 The following small series 算草will give you the introduct內照ion of gypsum board automatic 門訊production line

Selection points of gypsu農工m production equipmen業書t2020-07-23

It has been said that the attitud在你e determines every作報thing in the production and op亮光eration of gypsum l道鐵ine equipment customers.朋你 The actual operat要微ion of gypsum lin雜們e equipment is like this. Proper and e月現ffective operation s書腦teps and sound key points can help t銀些he