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What are the characteristics of high 日飛crystal plate2020-07-23

In fact, the composition of high空議 crystal board and gypsum board belon自對g to the same kind, but there a事作re some differences in technology an姐外d proportion of ingredien匠船ts. Because these small differences 朋謝show the unique characteristi唱喝cs of high crystal plate. The

Is there formaldehyde in gypsu友事m board?2020-07-23

Speaking of gypsum board, I bel白下ieve we will not be un放個familiar, it is the most widely us司遠ed decorative materials紅是 in home decoration, it can not o又內nly carry out ceiling decoration, but用電 also wall and floor decorati暗技on. In modern society, people'資朋s most conce

What is the differenc問下e between high crystal board and 白子gypsum board2020-07-23

The two major mainstr爸生eam products in the gypsum board c路對eiling industry are paper g劇書ypsum board and high crystal board.慢湖 Gypsum plaster board is the first 對都generation of gypsum 站們board ceiling product工師s, which is well known by people. The中草 fourth generation of hi

Quality judgment 離慢of gypsum board mechanical eq離友uipment2020-07-22

Different manufacturers of gypsu腦用m board machinery員亮 and equipment 遠時to produce gypsum board歌男 quality is different, now most o上如f the roof of the home is場件 decorated with gypsum lin公購e, its white color can視草 show the family's clean 自能and beautiful, plus i廠著ts low price

Standard of high quality gypsum l線綠ine2020-07-22

High quality gypsum line producti雪白on line to produce products to meet th鄉機e needs of the 麗我market, so what is the hig著會h quality gypsum li音看ne standard?1. First of all, it depen靜綠ds on the surface finish:如醫Because of the pai機在nting stripes of 工一plaster relief decorat裡這ion g

Construction method舞知 of gypsum board ceiling and pa歌計rtition wall2020-07-22

In the family de聽個coration, gypsum board is the mo唱不st common decoration material. Gyp雜兒sum board is made of anhy動遠drite as the main raw material,業和 adding additives an冷呢d fibers. It has the properties of li電錢ght weight, heat insulation,會暗 sound absorption, 笑弟non combustio